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It is a sticker full of playfulness that tightly condenses the goodness of art.♡

Keita, the first store manager of the cardboard game center(4th grade elementary school student at the time)An illustration of a bowling player drawn by

Active professional artist/Staff of designers/illustrators But

We carefully selected items that even professionals would groan and made them into a single sticker with confidence.た

The first series of baseball stickers was well received, so people around me were eager to draw a soccer series next.いました。

But Keita shakes his head。

「I want to draw bowling peopleい。」

Then one day, Keita's sketchbook was filled with pictures of people bowling.ン!

The eyes of those bowlers sitting, their bodies crooked体、

I don't care about the perspective of the fingers and toes that are getting more and more inconsistent、

All the staff received a great shock at the picture that was carefully and magnificently drawn until the end.。

There was passion and strength to draw, and a bold attitude without fear.た。

This kind of thing A really good picture that a professional can't draw It is。

『Giving shape to children's designs』

The concept of the cardboard game center is、

「Art education Even if you do not study art education professionallyも、I want to create a world where everyone can enjoy art.。」When、

The staff of the professional artist designer illustrator who learned art education thoroughly art educationッフが

The result of having doubts about art education in Japan、A concept that unites and protects

It may feel a little more expensive than the mass-produced ones.が、

Especially those who like art Those who want to support artは、

That value of the concept I hope you will understand!

A small present will please♫

Please match with other stickers♫

for a giftGift wrapping is also available!

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