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【こどものアート】型抜きハガキ『black cat』

【こどものアート】型抜きハガキ『black cat』

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A postcard with a cat illustration drawn by Misha . *This is a non-standard postcard, so please put a 120 yen stamp on it when mailing it.

postcard size
width 120mm
Length 191mm

This is a cat drawn by Misha, the current manager of the cardboard game center, when she was in the 4th grade of elementary school .

From the many pictures of cats overflowing from my sketchbook,

Staff of professional artists/designers/illustrators who are active in the field

We carefully select items that even professionals would groan at, and deliver them with confidence .

Misha's paintings are characterized by this bold crayon and strong pen pressure touch.

I draw with a rough touch, so it looks like I'm drawing properly,

Misha's paintings are actually very delicate.

I'm trying to capture the shape properly, and I'm very careful about the eyes and wrinkles.

Such a delicate feeling and a bold touch are exquisitely combined to create a painting that even a professional will groan.

*This is a non-standard postcard, so please put a 120 yen stamp on it when mailing it.

Postcard size width 120mm
Length 182mm

"Turning Children's Designs into Reality"

The concept of the cardboard game center is

"I want to create a world where anyone can enjoy art, even if they don't have a special education in art education."

A staff of professional artists, designers, and illustrators who have thoroughly studied art education and art education

As a result of questioning Japan's art education, the concept is united and protected .

Especially if you like art or want to support art,

I hope you understand the value of the concept !

You will be pleased with a small gift ♫

Please match with other stickers ♫


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