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[Children's art] Family Tree (no frame) with mat

[Children's art] Family Tree (no frame) with mat

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Signed framed wall art for a pop and unique interiorに♫

Length 727mm
Width 545mm

Window position center of the mat中央)
Length 637mm
Width 480mm
mat thickness 2mmm
matte thin egg子

This is a large enlargement of the graffiti that Keita, the first store manager, drew when she was 5 years old.。

Out of the many scribbles that are overflowing in my sketchbook

Active professional artist/Staff of designers/illustrators But

Even a professional groansCarefully select the most artistic、We deliver with confidence

This is the first store manager KeitaFiveThis is a drawing of a family tree that I drew while playing with my dad when I was young.語でfamily tree(It's called a family tree. Looking at this picture, it really looks like a tree.さんのfamily treeI'm sure there are many branches and many fruits with many stories hanging from them.のfamily treemay be connected with。

Keita's paintings are characterized by a bold and strong touch and a sense of dynamism overflowing with freedom and confidence.。

And it's a bright and bright place。

It is a very nice illustration that expresses Keita's characteristics well.。

This original picture itself is about A4 and by enlarging it greatlyて、

Furthermore, the boldness of this painting is emphasized, making it an impressive work.す。

Even though I enlarged it, I didn't just put it on a copy machine.、

of course We are particular about quality as a work of art and have it printed on a single sheet at a special printing shop.。

The paper is made with a semi-machine paper that is similar to hand-made paper called Arche, which has a history of over 500 years in France.です。
The surface of the paper is rough and uneven, giving it a deep taste.す。

Actually, even if I ask for printing on this paper, there are almost no places that will print on this paper.ん。

It seems that if it gets entangled in the machine, the printing machine itself will be ruined.。

Even so, after searching around for various print shops, I finally found one that understood and agreed with the gist.が、

special printing too much、A one-of-a-kind precious piece is。

By the way, this Arches watercolor paper reproduces the touch and faded colors of the original painting very gently and delicately.

And it's autographed by Keita.


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