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みんなで頑張ろう!with Corona Tシャツ!【こどものアート】無言カフェTシャツ黒キッズから大人まで(100cm〜L)

みんなで頑張ろう!with Corona Tシャツ!【こどものアート】無言カフェTシャツ黒キッズから大人まで(100cm〜L)

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A classic, easy-to-wear T-shirt that you'll want to have♪

"Mugon Cafe"is the proud cafe of the cardboard game center.

The with Corona T-shirt from the silent cafe !

Corona has changed the world.

There are no words for those who have lost someone close and dear.

Please do not give up hope, believing that if you all work together, you will overcome it.

This café was created by Keita (a junior high school student at the time), the first store manager of a cardboard game center. That's why I wear a mask. Even though it's silent, everyone plays games, talks according to the theme, and the laughter never ends.

Maybe what we need now is to laugh at this situation and get over it.

"If you smile, you can do anything."

The grandparents who live in Tsuyazaki often say that to their neighbors.

And one more important thing.

We believe it is art.

This logo was created based on the graffiti of an elementary school student (the first store manager of the cardboard game center).

Even children's illustrations and graffiti can be fine art!

With that in mind, I made this T-shirt with all my heart.

Let's get over it with a smile and art!

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