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When the desired size is sold out、inquiryWe are taking reservations on the page。

Gorgeous gray and yellow colors♪

This is a new T-shirt that was finally made in the midst of the corona disaster.す!

First store manager This T-shirt was made from the scribbles and letters that Keita kindergarten drew at the time.Tシャツ

Active professional artist/Staff of designers/illustrators But

This T-shirt was born by carefully selecting and combining the many graffiti that even professionals would groan.た。

I don't know if this illustration is actually a butterfly or a humanです。

I was in kindergarten when I drew Keita, so I don't remember what kind of illustration it was.せん。

Whether this is a butterfly or a human、

The exquisite balance and bold touches of the illustrations are unique to children.。

Even a professional illustrator can't draw。

The slightly ash-colored gray with a beautiful yellow colorそのAdult coloration is quite tasteful is。

Nevertheless, it is a classic type that you will never get tired of, and can be worn regardless of age, from children to the elderly.す。

The price may seem a little high compared to mass-produced T-shirts.が、

this The fabric and stitching are very good and

I want to support private stores as much as possible with the commitment of the cardboard game centerく、

We also ask a private shop with a craftsmanship to print on the T-shirt. surprisingly durable It is。

From those who have purchased and worn a shirt made of the same material as this butterfly T-shirt since it was first releasedは、

「I wear it about once every 3 days in heavy rotation and wash it thoroughly.」けど、

Even after 5 years, the collar is still holding up well.。

In the long run, it's a bargain purchase物 it will be。

With this unique concept unlike any other,、

here、In Fukuoka Tsuyazaki, the cardboard game center is very popular with the townspeople.もI am loved。

If you like art, if you want to support art, it's definitely worth havingり!

It is very pleased to wear it as a parent-child pair or as a baby gift.す。


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