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sturdy canvas☆

Fabric 100% cotton canvasス
No inner pocket

First store manager This butterfly illustration made from the scribbles and letters that Keita drew at the time of the kindergartenイラスト

Active professional artist/Staff of designers/illustrators But

We carefully select graffiti that even professionals will groan from among the many graffiti and deliver it with confidence.す。

What are the features of this bag round handle so cuteト!

A perfect size for those who want to put their wallet, smartphone, and a few things in a small bag when they go out.ズ!

I made a bag that plays the role of a second bag that fits perfectly in a medium-sized tote with the same butterfly pattern. is also funよね。

And the most important illustration、

I don't know if this illustration is actually a butterfly or a humanです。

I was in kindergarten when I drew Keita, so I don't remember what kind of illustration it was.せん。

Whether this is a butterfly or a human、

The exquisite balance and bold touches of the illustrations are unique to children.。

Even a professional illustrator can't draw。

The slightly ash-colored gray with a beautiful yellow colorそのAdult color usage is quite tasteful is。

『Giving shape to children's designs』

The concept of the cardboard game center is、

「Art Education Even if you do not study art education professionallyも、I want to create a world where everyone can enjoy art.。」When、

The staff of the professional artist designer illustrator who learned art education thoroughly art educationッフが

A concept that unites and protects。

already here、In Fukuoka Tsuyazaki, the townのThis cardboard game center is loved by everyone。

Especially if you like art and want to support art, it's worth havingです!

As a gift for a new baby, it is very popular as a set with a baby shirt or with a large butterfly.ています。

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