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一番人気‼︎【こどものアート】ロゴT (アッシュ)キッズから大人まで(100cm〜L)

一番人気‼︎【こどものアート】ロゴT (アッシュ)キッズから大人まで(100cm〜L)

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A classic, easy-to-wear T-shirt that you will want to have

When the desired size is sold out、『inquiry』We are taking reservations on the page。

cardboard game center most popular t-shirts is!

First store manager This T-shirt was made from scribbles and letters drawn by elementary school students at the time of Keita.Tシャツ

Active professional artist/Staff of designers/illustrators But

This logo was born by combining carefully selected graffiti that even professionals would groan from among the many graffiti.た。

Individual Perfect for lively and casual places with a casual impressionリ!

The logo is cute and impactful, and you can talk to them in various places.す。

Nevertheless, it is a classic type that you will never get tired of, and can be worn regardless of age, from children to the elderly.す。

The price may seem a little high compared to mass-produced T-shirts.が、

this The fabric and stitching are very good and

I want to support private stores as much as possible with the commitment of the cardboard game centerく、

We also ask a private shop with a craftsmanship to print on the T-shirt.、

surprisingly durable It is。

From those who have purchased and worn it since its release、

「I wear it about once every 3 days in heavy rotation and wash it thoroughly.」けど、

Even after 5 years, the collar is still holding up well.。

In the long run, it's a bargain purchase物 it will be。

With this unique concept unlike any other,、

already here、In Fukuoka Tsuyazaki, I think that it is the uniform of the town.ど

Everyone loves this T-shirt、

Especially worth having for those who like art and want to support artり!

It is very pleased to wear it as a parent-child pair or as a baby gift.す。

if it was a giftGift wrapping is also available!

※The color of the fabric is not pure white, but has a little ash mixed in, making dirt less noticeable.す。


●about shipping cost

ーーPurchase up to 1 or 2 ticketsーー
(You can choose either of the two methods of mailing: Yu-Packet or Yu-Pack.。)

◎Yu-Packet: 360 yen anywhere in Japan
(There is no security. Cargo tracking is available. It will be delivered to your mailbox.ます。)

◎Yupack 80 size
Please refer to the price list below.い。
(Guaranteed Cargo tracking available Delivery notification date and time can be specified能です。)

ーーPurchase 3 or more ticketsー

◎Yupack 80 size
If you purchase 3 or more, the shipping fee will be the same for Yu-Pack 80 size.のみの場合)

*When ordering on the system, both Yu-Packet and Yu-Pack selection boxes will appear. No matter which one you choose, it will be mailed by Yu-Pack.ります。

Yu-pack [80 size]
(Tracking is guaranteed Delivery notification date and time can be specified定可能)
Fukuoka prefecture 1030 yen円
Kyushu Chugoku region first zone 1100 yen100円
Kinki Shikoku second zone 1200 yen200円
Hokuriku Tokai Okinawa region third zone 1290 yen,290円
Kanto Shinetsu region 5th zone 1530 yen530円
Tohoku region 6th zone 1750 yen50円
Hokkaido region 7th zone 1750 yen50円

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